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Anhui Province released the development plan for the self-dr

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Summary Of Information:

In order to implement the “Development Plan for Auto-driving Sports Camps” of the Eight ministries and the “Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Sports on Accelerating the Industrial Development of Auto-driving Sports Ca

In order to implement the “Development Plan for Auto-driving Sports Camps” of the Eight ministries and the “Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Sports on Accelerating the Industrial Development of Auto-driving Sports Camps” (Zhang Jing Zi [2018] No. 305), various provinces and cities across the country have formulated and issued self-driving sports The camp development plan will be officially released in the 5th Auto (RV) camping conference.

The following is the full text of the plan:

Anhui Province Auto Self-driving Sports Camp Development Plan


Automobile self-driving sports camp is an important part of the fitness and leisure industry. Accelerating the development of automobile self-driving sports camp industry is a strong driving force to stimulate the development of fitness and leisure industry, drive the industry to improve quality and efficiency, release the potential of consumption, create new momentum for economic growth, and build Healthy Anhui is of great significance. In order to thoroughly implement the "Car Development Plan for Self-driving Sports Camps" (Zhu Jing Zi [2017] No. 346) and the Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Anhui Province on Accelerating the Development of Fitness and Leisure Industry (Zhu Zheng Ban [2017] No. 7) And "Anhui Province Fitness and Leisure Industry Development Plan (2017-2025)" (Sports Product [2017] No. 30), better meet the needs of the people to participate in the outdoor leisure activities centered on the car RV, combined with the actual development of our province This plan.

一、Development foundation and facing the situation

With the rapid development of Anhui's economy and the substantial improvement of people's living standards, the proportion of self-driving cars has gradually increased. The regional influence, social participation and market recognition of the self-driving sports camp industry in Anhui Province have shown good momentum. First, the policy environment continues to be optimized. The Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and other 10 departments jointly issued the "Anhui Fitness and Leisure Industry Development Plan (2017-2025)", clearly proposing to focus on building auto sports camps, stadium construction, sports tourism loops, car racing events, etc. The “4 major projects” of the sport, driven by the auto-driving campaign policy. Second, demonstration leadership is growing. The province's self-driving sports camp has flourished. It has created one of the top ten scenic spots for national sports tourism (Chery Campground), one recommended national sports tourism boutique (the Minnan Sichuan-Tibet line), and one provincial-level sports tourism industry base ( Chery Huangshan self-driving tour camp). Third, the industrial benefits have initially appeared. A number of listed companies represented by Chery Tuju Camping Investment Management Co., Ltd. have flourished; a series of self-owned brand events such as the National Sports Tourism Top Ten Boutique Competition Hongyangshan Auto Cross-country have achieved good economic and social activities. benefit. However, in general, the development scale of auto-driving sports camps in Anhui Province is still small, the supporting facilities are still not perfect, the standard system is not perfect, the market mechanism supervision is not in place, the service guarantee system is not comprehensive, and the market supply-side structure reform is not deep. Innovation, market demand and effective supply imbalances coexist, and there is an urgent need to strengthen overall planning and normative guidance.

At present, the Anhui fitness and leisure industry has entered a new era of comprehensive opening. The healthy Anhui and national fitness development strategies have been gradually implemented. The structural reform of the supply side of the automobile self-driving sports camp has been promoted in an orderly manner. The natural resources and human resources resources of the camps are prominent, and they are multi-level and diversified. The demand for personalized consumption continues to rise, and the top three factors of policy promotion, market capital enthusiasm and strong consumer demand go hand in hand. The Anhui auto-driving sports camp industry is bound to usher in a major strategic opportunity.

二、Total Requirements

(一)Guiding Ideology

Fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, and in accordance with the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, firmly establish the five development concepts and accurately grasp the strategic deployment of "building the 'five major developments' and beautiful Anhui". With the aim of accelerating the development of self-driving sports camps in the province, we will further promote the structural reform of the supply side of the camps, focus on improving the comprehensive functional level of the camps, and broadly attract social capital into the camp industry, and continue to meet a large number of diverse levels. The demand for fitness and leisure has solidified the people's sense of well-being and gains, and provided support for the promotion of “healthy Anhui” and the construction of a strong sports province.

(二)The basic principle

Adhere to the demonstration.

Focusing on “Colorful Jianghuai and Beautiful Anhui”, we will give play to our basic advantages, improve our product system, improve our service level, improve our security system, aim at new demands, develop new products, create new formats, create new models and foster new ones, and plan to build high standards. The self-driving sports camp with distinctive features and strong competitiveness will upgrade the industrial energy level and promote the demonstration pilot project.

Adhere to the integration of interaction.

Coordinate the promotion of automobile self-driving sports camps and various types of fitness and leisure projects and the integration of tourism, agriculture, forestry, culture, health and other industries, and accelerate the integration of camps with landscape ecological zones, outdoor sports zones and rural tourist zones. Actively play the positive role of the camp in new urbanization, beautiful villages and precise poverty alleviation.

Adhere to policy synergy.

Adhere to the market main body, drive innovation, follow the development law of automobile sports camps, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, determine the main direction of supplementing the short board, increase the stamina and activate the power, and deepen the reform of the “distribution service” in the camp field. Strengthen overall planning, policy support, standard guidance, platform support, break through development bottlenecks, exert policy synergies, achieve coordinated development, and form favorable conditions and a good environment.

Adhere to ecological promotion.

Firmly grasp the concept of priority protection, light development and sustainable use, strictly implement priority development, limit development regional planning, strengthen the ecological environment monitoring and assessment of sensitive points or areas along the ecological self-driving movement, and adhere to environmental protection and low The road of carbon energy conservation promotes the sustainable and healthy development of self-driving sports camps.

(三)Development Goals

By 2020, 80 self-driving sports camps with strong professionalism and complete infrastructure will be built, and a self-driving sports camp system with reasonable layout, complete functions and complete categories will be formed. By 2025, we will strive to build 300 self-driving sports camps, focusing on cultivating five national five-star self-driving sports camps, creating a number of boutique auto-driving sports events, and launching a number of “ecological circle” self-driving routes with local characteristics of Anhui. Accelerate the formation of a composite industry format closely related to the camp.

三、Main Mission

(一)Strengthen the construction of the site

Improve the layout of the camp.

Focusing on the national strategy of “One Belt and One Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, combined with the rural revitalization strategy and the one-million-kilometre fitness trail project, we will optimize the construction of self-driving sports camps of different types, different grades and themes. The establishment of the urban tourism belt, the traffic trunk line, and the industrialization of automobile camping tourism around the Dajing District will be the priority development area, focusing on the three camps of the Weinan Tourism Demonstration Zone, the Hefei Economic Circle Tourist Zone and the Weibei Economic Tourism Zone. In combination with the "Healthy Anhui Sports Huimin Project 121 Action Plan" and "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Sports Characteristic Towns", the automobile self-driving sports camp will be promoted in series with the sports ecological park and the sports characteristic town planning and construction.

Box 1 Building a car self-driving sports camp product group

Improve the spatial layout of the camp, and focus on creating a number of self-driving sports camps with outstanding characteristics, perfect functions, standardized services and regional core competitiveness.

1. The self-driving sports camps in Weinan area: Huangshan Xiuning Qiyunshan Freedom Car Camp, Anhui Tuju Huangshan Camp, Xuancheng Taohuatan Auto-driving Sports Base, Anhui Chizhou Xinghuacun Auto-driving Sports Base, Xuancheng Anhui Leisure Valley Auto self-driving sports camp, Jiu County Moon Bay Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Chizhou Jiuhuashan Yoga Town Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Jiuhuashan Qiyun Valley Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Qingyang Jiuqu River Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Huangshan Yangjiazhai Automobile Self-driving sports camp, Huangshan Longwangshan auto-driving sports camp, Xixian Shilin Shilin auto-driving sports camp, Huangshan Furong Valley auto-driving sports camp, Huangshan Xiujiang Zhonghui basketball town car self-driving sports camp, Anhui Mu Niujia car self-driving sports camp, Chery Wuhu Longshan Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Wuhu Hongyangshan Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Wuhu Shunde Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Wuhu Yuxiu Villa (Red Temple) Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Maanshan Taiwan Huaboyuan Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Maanshan Minglu Hall Self-driving sports camp, Huangshanyue Lake car car Sports Camps, Huangshan Bao Garden automobile car Sports Camps and so on.

2. Suizhong area car self-driving sports camp product group: Anqing Jushishan Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Anhui Fuzi Mountain Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Anhui Tiantangzhai Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Anqing Tianzhushan Zhonglian Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Yuexi Dabie Mountain Rainbow Waterfall Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Lu'an Nanshan Sports and Leisure Town Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Lu'an Huoshan Changyuan Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Lu'an Bauhinia Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Chaohu Dongyu Forest Park Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Yuexitian Xia Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Yuexi Erzushan Xingkong Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Luzhou Bailu Island Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Hefei Haoyuan Auto Self-driving Sports Camp.

3. The product group of automobile self-driving sports camp in Weibei area: Xiangyang Yijie Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Liquor Longzhuang Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Liyang Oaks Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Puyang Taihe County Shaying River Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Xiangyang Linquan Muyi fishing town car self-driving camp, Suzhou Xiaoxian Huangzangyu scenic spot car self-driving sports camp, Suzhou Lingyi County Modern Agriculture Expo Park ecological car self-driving sports camp, Suzhou Huixian Huijia farmhouse ecological car self-driving sports camp 蚌埠Da Mingyuan Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Qihequan Farm Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Wanwan Green Ecological Park Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Liquor Longzhuang Auto Self-driving Camp, Piliu Six Auto Self-driving Sports Camp, Bengbu Blueberry Manor Ecological Farm Auto-driving sports camp, Huai'nan Bagongshan auto-driving sports camp, Huainan Jiaogang Lake auto-driving sports camp, Luzhou Da Zhouwan's acre garden car self-driving sports camp, Zhangzhou Zhuhai Bay auto-driving sports camp, Zhangzhou Wangyuetan auto-driving sports camp Wait.

Construction of the stadium track.

Combining the advantageous resources of Anhui's mountains, rivers and hills, it focuses on creating multi-level and diversified boutique trackes with the theme of adventure, comfort and family leisure. Encourage the race track to be combined with Anhui's rich A-level scenic spots, tourist loops, outdoor sports areas, historical and cultural construction, etc., to build a car sports stadium track service complex with different themes such as car race viewing, car home experience, and car movies. 

Box 2 Create 3 major boutique track engineering projects

Relying on the Anhui mountain range, rivers and hilly areas as the main features, combined with the existing car self-driving sports camp, the focus is on creating a boutique track circuit project with the theme of adventure, comfort and relaxation.

1. The scenic mountain resources such as Huangshan Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain and Tianzhu Mountain are the main gathering areas, and the focus is on creating an experience track that stimulates adventure.

2. The Yangtze River, Huaihe River, Xin'an River and other river resources are the main gathering areas, focusing on creating a boutique track with the theme of comfort and relaxation.

3. With the platform, hills and valley plains as the main gathering area, focus on creating a boutique track with the theme of family leisure.

Strengthen camp facilities.

According to local conditions, the infrastructure water pipelines such as water, electricity, gas, sewage, and garbage disposal will be extended to the camp construction area. Around the car self-driving transportation network, speed up the connection between the main road of traffic and the last mile of the camp. Guide the camp to continuously improve the image recognition system of camps, camps, camp songs and other camps. Promote the construction of call center and emergency rescue base for self-driving sports camps. Based on the existing self-driving data collection points and acquisition systems, the statistics, monitoring and early warning system of automobile self-driving sports information will be improved, and the traffic and flow of passengers in self-driving sports will be reasonably guided.

(二)Cultivate market players

Be bigger and stronger.

Guide the innovation elements of the whole society to focus on key enterprises, increase the intensity of resource integration, encourage and guide the merger and reorganization of cross-industry and cross-ownership, and improve the scale of scale, intensification and specialization. Encourage the support of listed companies to raise funds, and cultivate a number of listed companies that are self-driving sports cars. Support enterprises to achieve vertical, subdivision, professional development, extend the industrial chain and profit chain, and focus on cultivating a number of "specialized and special" small and medium-sized car self-driving sports enterprises. Support the superior enterprises to “go out” and focus on creating a group of well-known automobile self-driving sports enterprises with national competitiveness.

Deepen the integration of production, study and research.

Support enterprises, universities, research institutes, industry associations and other multi-party resources integration, and promote the systematic and collaborative research and development of common technology in the field of self-driving sports camps. Actively explore diversified, multi-level research and development cooperation methods, and extensively carry out all-process services such as key common technology research and development, technological achievement transformation, and technology diffusion application of high-end automobile self-driving sports camp equipment. Support cross-regional, cross-sectoral, cross-industry innovation cooperation, and encourage enterprises to acquire innovative technology teams and R&D service platforms for domestic and foreign auto-driving sports. Create a self-driving sports industry think tank and industry incubation platform.

Strengthen sports social organizations.

Establish and improve the automobile self-driving sports camp industry organization, and organize the Anhui Automobile Self-driving Sports Camp Association. Strengthen the social organization of self-driving sports for grassroots cars, establish a grade evaluation system, and improve the social organization system. For sports social organizations that carry out automobile self-driving sports activities in urban and rural areas, reduce barriers to entry, strengthen classification guidance and industry guidance. Encourage all kinds of social organizations to undertake the public sports service function of the automobile self-driving campaign.

(三)Strengthen demonstration and lead

Implement the star project of the car self-driving sports camp.

Actively carry out star rating work for self-driving sports camps, guide camps to strengthen their own construction, and cultivate a number of self-driving sports demonstration camps with fitness and leisure services as the core. Support key camps to design and build car rental centers, tourist service centers, children's entertainment projects, etc., to create a camp complex with agglomeration effects and demonstration effects.

Promote the car self-driving sports service boutique project.

Implement the self-driving sports service product improvement plan and actively explore new mechanisms for quality output. Carefully cultivate a group of backbone enterprises with self-driving sports production services with strong strength and core competitiveness. Guide and support a group of automobile self-driving sports service product gathering areas, and enhance the comprehensive supporting functions of the automobile self-driving sports service industry. Focus on strengthening the brand cultivation and product upgrade of automobile self-driving sports service. By 2025, we will create a number of excellent car self-driving sports clubs and car self-driving sports boutique projects.

Implemented the automobile self-driving movement manufacturing upgrade project.

Encourage enterprises to adjust their structure, promote transformation, and adopt an intensive and intensive development path. Guide enterprises to enter the field of automobile self-driving sports equipment manufacturing. Support automobile self-driving sports equipment manufacturing enterprises to strengthen industrial cooperation, and continuously improve the research and development production capacity and processing and manufacturing level of key technologies and components. Transform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry of automobile self-driving sports to the high-end development of the value chain. Encourage automobile self-driving sports and car RV camping equipment manufacturing enterprises to extend to the service industry, develop camping products and services suitable for all ages and the whole population, and form the advantages of the whole industry chain cluster.

(四)Expand market supply

Enrich sports events.

Taking the international and national major events as a breakthrough, we will focus on cultivating automobile self-driving sports brand events with local characteristics such as Anhui Auto Race, Rally, and Finals. Extensively carry out automobile event activities, and create a hierarchy of events that leads the way in top events, promotes professional events, and popularizes amateur events. Expand the types of automobile races, create a distinctive and diversified event products, and form a good situation in the local car self-driving sports events of “one place, one product” and “one product”.

Cultivate special events.

Actively organize family camping, youth camps, and themed self-driving activities. Combining the three cultures of Hui culture, Minjiang culture and Huaihe culture, we will strengthen the organic combination with local tourism festivals and create a self-driving sports day with Anhui characteristics. We will foster parent-child and family outdoor leisure fun projects with the theme of environmental protection, automotive outdoor knowledge and skills, and personality shaping. Expand cooperation with international sports organizations, and establish various forums and sports exhibitions on the theme of automobile self-driving sports, culture and industrial exchanges, and actively undertake the Chinese automobile (RV) camping conference.

Box 3 Creating a car-driving sports event

In order to promote the development of automobile self-driving sports camps in Anhui Province, the integration of Anhui traditional sports, traditional sports culture, sports intangible cultural heritage and other local characteristics will be used to create a unique folk sports tourism activity. Anhui's local auto-driving sports activities enhance the appeal and popularity of the province's self-driving sports camps.

1. Integration of intangible cultural heritage project activities. Promote the in-depth interaction between the intangible cultural heritage projects such as Wuhuo Opera and Huagu Lantern and the self-driving camp of the car, and combine the Huaying Wuhuo Xisheng Health Qigong Festival and the China Flower Drum Festival to create camp-related activities with geographical advantages.

2. Integrate regional characteristics of martial arts project activities. Relying on the martial arts towns such as Zhangzhou and Lushan, we promoted the deep interaction between the regional martial arts projects such as Qi Yangzhang and Chen Yu’s ancestors, such as Liuhe and Bafa, and the self-driving camps of cars, and created traditional sports performance products with regional characteristics.

3. Integrate regional traditional advantages to showcase activities. Strengthen the interaction with the China International Health Qigong Exchange Conference and the “Huangshan Sword” traditional martial arts conference, establish a car self-driving sports exhibition with Anhui characteristics, and actively organize various forums and sports exhibitions. 3. Integrate regional traditional advantages to showcase activities. Strengthen the interaction with the China International Health Qigong Exchange Conference and the “Huangshan Sword” traditional martial arts conference, establish a car self-driving sports exhibition with Anhui characteristics, and actively organize various forums and sports exhibitions.

4. A fusion of sports and leisure features in the town. Promote deep integration with Liu'an leisurely Nanshan sports and leisure characteristic town, Chizhou Jiuhuashan sports and leisure characteristic town, etc., cultivate and excavate sports and leisure projects, and develop camp multi-sports activities.

Create a boutique line.

Focusing on traffic trunks, outdoor sports networks, tourist loops, and traffic distribution centers, we will make full use of mountains, rivers, and geomorphological resources, and strive to plan a series of self-driving sports cars with deep integration of automobile self-driving and sports tourism, focusing on creating a number of high-quality, high-quality cars. Self-driving sports outdoor gathering belt.

Box 4 Create a car self-driving sports tour boutique line

Relying on the province's planned “four vertical and eight horizontal” expressway network and unique advantageous resources, it will create a series of self-driving sports tourism routes suitable for different seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

1. "Spring": With the characteristics of "Huaihe on both sides, Daoyuan asks for the road", the products are mainly made up of 10,000 mu pear gardens and rapeseeds everywhere, creating a self-driving sports tourism circle in northern Fujian.

2. "Summer": featuring "Lakes and Mountains, Great Lakes", with the main products of pastoral wetlands, forest parks, historical humanities, beautiful villages, etc., to create a "golden collar" for self-driving sports tourism around the Chaohu Lake eco-car.

3. "Autumn": featuring "Huizhou culture, harmony between man and nature", with the ancient villages, ancient dwellings, Qisong, Yunhai and other beautiful pictures as the main products, the main line is the Nanchuan-Tibet Line and the Fujian-Zhejiang Line 1, Focus on building a self-driving sports tourism circle in southern Anhui.

4. "Winter": featuring "Shan Lake Spring City, Zen Buddhism", with mountain tourism, red tourism, ski tourism and hot spring health as the main products, to create a nationally influential "Dabie Mountain - Tianzhushan" car self-driving Sports travel routes.

(五)Expand camp consumption

Guide the concept of consumption.

With the help of newspapers, magazines, radio and television, print media, the Internet and other multi-media, we will popularize car self-driving sports knowledge and camp culture. Play the role of sports stars and sports masters to stimulate the consumption demand of Volkswagen's self-driving sports. Promote the sharing and disclosure of the consumer information market, and establish a car self-driving sports guidance service system that covers a wide range of urban and rural areas. Innovate consumption means, encourage camp development, event reservation, sports social, product sales and other APP development, promote consumers to use various social platforms to interact, enhance consumer experience and enhance consumption.

Improve consumer policies.

Encourage the construction of various e-commerce platforms, develop new online and offline, cross-regional cross-border forms, and explore new modes of automobile self-driving sports consumption. Support in-depth cooperation with financial institutions such as banks, pilot the issuance of joint bank cards, and implement consumer discounts. In accordance with the characteristics of different age groups and self-driving sports, the insurance company is encouraged and guided to provide diversified insurance services such as project liability insurance and sports personal accident insurance.

Optimize the consumer environment.

Establish and improve the consumer market supervision system integrating administrative supervision, social supervision and service certification. Strengthen the standardization construction of self-driving sports camps, formulate consumer service standards and quality standards, and strengthen the implementation of standards. Promote the construction of credit system for self-driving sports camps and employees, and establish a credit file and information disclosure system for illegal and illegal units. Strengthen the self-driving assistance in the process of self-driving sports consumption, report complaints and report the handling capacity, and improve the handling mechanism for reporting complaints.

四、Safety Measures

(一)Strengthen organizational leadership

Establish an overall coordination mechanism led by the Provincial Sports Bureau and responsible for the division of labor, and comprehensively guide the work of self-driving sports camps. Accelerate the transformation of government functions, break down industry and regional barriers, and promote the decentralization, integration, and optimization of services in the relevant areas of automobile self-driving sports camps. The Provincial Sports Bureau should do a good job in macro management, policy formulation, resource integration and distribution, and cross-departmental coordination; the relevant departments of the province should promote the seamless connection between the work objectives and tasks of the self-driving sports camp; the localities should combine the overall planning and local work to implement the commitment. The main responsibility, decomposing tasks, refining measures, and coordinating the work of policy convergence, manpower deployment, and implementation.

(二)Sound investment mechanism

Fully tap the existing various types of capital channels at all levels, and use the funds for the construction of sports provinces to support the eligible auto-driving sports camp projects. Organize project promotion conferences and actively play a leading role in the construction of automobile self-driving sports camps. Vigorously promote the government and social capital cooperation model (PPP) to build a car self-driving sports camp. Appropriate subsidies will be provided for the construction of self-driving sports camps in key tourist villages and rural tourism clusters. In accordance with the provisions, the state, the province's current tax, price and land policies to support the development of self-driving sports camps will be implemented.

(三)Strengthen scientific management

Strengthen the safety management of self-driving tour and camp operation, strengthen the safety protection of the camp and the construction of fire-fighting facilities, and clarify the main responsibility of fire safety. Car self-driving sports and camp service personnel must conduct safety risk prevention and emergency assistance skills training before they are on duty. Car self-driving sports tour organizations should provide risk warnings to participants involved in high-risk projects and conduct safety training. The Beidou satellite navigation system is used to develop the products and equipment related to the intelligent driving platform for self-driving sports. Formulate specific policies and measures for health, environmental protection and accommodation registration that are specific to the operation of the camp, and further simplify the pre-approval procedures for the camp.

(四)Consolidate the foundation of work

We will improve the government affairs release platform, information exchange platform, exhibition display platform, and resource trading platform, and strengthen the promotion and promotion of the self-driving sports camp project and the fair, just and open circulation of resources. Encourage school-enterprise cooperation to train application-oriented professionals such as business planning, operation management, and skill operation for various types of self-driving sports camps. Establish a big data platform for automobile self-driving sports, and form a long-term mechanism for dynamic monitoring of automobile self-driving sports industry. Scientifically formulate statistical classifications and standards for automobile self-driving sports consumption, and carry out automobile self-driving sports consumption statistics and monitoring.

(五)Strengthen supervision and implementation

All localities should fully understand the importance of accelerating the development of self-driving sports camps, and take the development level of self-driving sports camps as an important part of measuring the performance of local sports industry. All localities should, in light of actual conditions, integrate the development of self-driving sports camps into the overall plan for local economic and social development, formulate various policies and measures, refine various tasks, adopt effective and effective means, improve organizational mechanisms, and establish sound and pre-existing, Post-event monitoring and evaluation mechanism, major issues are reported to the Provincial Sports Bureau in a timely manner. The Provincial Sports Bureau will establish an implementation mechanism for the implementation of the plan, strictly supervise the implementation of the plan, ensure that all policies and measures are in place, and regularly supervise the relevant departments of the province to carry out work supervision of the self-driving sports camp.

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