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After sale

In China's certification, it is generally divided into three categories. In the "product, service, management", the certification of the product and the certification of the management system have been carried out for many years, and it has also attracted people's attention and achieved good results. However, there are few involved in service certification, and after-sales service certification is a relatively new field. So what do you need to know about after-sales service certification?
After-sales service certification, as its name suggests, is also a company's after-sales service. Today's consumers are particularly valued for after-sales service. In fact, I have heard a lot of complaints, saying that pre-sales service and in-sale service are particularly good, one by one with a smile, after paying the money to sign the contract, one by one changed face, and the after-sales service is particularly bad. In fact, the after-sales service is a pathological condition in today's society. The sale of services is very important and can be regarded as a bargaining chip.
1. Under the new economic normal, good service is a new breakthrough in market competition. The service industry has always been a big market leader, and consumers are spending money in exchange for the services they want, so the service industry is also the future trend.
2. After-sales service is the most important part of the three stages of pre-sale, sale and after-sales. After the goods are sold, after-sales service is especially important, because it is a kind of guarantee for consumers. After all, one-time goods are a minority, and most products are still sustainable.
3. The service star rating obtained can be publicly made in any form of advertising. After obtaining after-sales service certification, the social credibility and consumer trust of the company will increase.
4. Since the 17th National Congress, the state has vigorously developed the service industry. The state supports the service industry and the future trend lies.
5. The certification is based on the national standard of the first after-sales service and is authoritative.
6. After-sales service is also the last trump card for companies to participate in market competition. In the sales process, the competition is very fierce, so the protection of consumers in sales is very important. Who can grasp the after-sales service can grasp the market.