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Quality assurance

After the preliminary design proposal has been approved by the user and the previous business engagement, we will provide the user with a complete design and construction plan. Based on the application characteristics of our products, we will supplement the product delivery process. Strict lightning overvoltage test procedures to ensure high reliability and high quality products are provided to the user to ensure safe operation of the user's field devices.
After the on-site installation and commissioning of the equipment, we will provide the corresponding project completion report to the user, and accept the inspection and acceptance by the user and related parties. At the same time, we will also provide the user with basic training for on-site operation and maintenance and emergency situation.
A good after-sales service
1) Free maintenance during product warranty period
Users who adapt to our products will enjoy free replacement and inspection and maintenance of damaged devices and faults if they encounter unexpected conditions such as failure or damage to the device under the conditions of use and use and operation according to the regulations. Service, free operation and maintenance period of three years.
2) Maintenance service after product warranty period
At the end of the free operation period, we still assume the user's maintenance responsibility. During the maintenance process, we only charge the replacement cost of components and basic service fees.
3) Response time of operation and maintenance service
After we receive the user's operation and maintenance service notice, we will respond as quickly as possible, and make a maintenance plan according to the user's location, distance and user's operation and maintenance requirements. Under the influence of natural force and human factors such as force majeure, Benedict's The on-site response time limit is within three hours of receiving the notice, and the on-site service response time limit for the outside is 1 day (large, medium-sized city) to 3 days (inaccessible or remote areas).