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Service Content

After the customer purchased the product, there was a problem in the process of use, resulting in the product not working properly. Customers will complain about product dissatisfaction through various channels (telephone, mail, petition, etc.). Regardless of the channel through which the customer complains, always remember, don't argue, listen patiently, sort out the customer's problems, and then express your opinions at the right time.
Don't lose your temper with your customers, learn to control your emotions, and be a high-EQ salesperson. Customers may be angry, but you must be patient and accept, don't over-explain, just admit your mistakes. Respecting the customer is a must-have quality for a competent salesperson. Even if you know the customer’s misunderstanding, or if you are stunned by this customer for no reason, you still have to listen quietly to the customer’s bitterness, sometimes listening to it patiently. In the middle of the customer's anger, the dissatisfaction with the customer will be solved unconsciously. Many people are anxious to find an excuse to deal with the customer when they have not expressed their dissatisfaction. If you repeatedly argue, the customer will emotionally resent. Once his dissatisfaction is manifested, he will take more customers.
provide the solution
1. If it is the quality problem of the product itself, it will be dissatisfied. First of all, we must sincerely apologize to the customer, and said that we will help the customer to deal with the problem as soon as possible during the appointment period.
2. If it is caused by human factors, the product cannot be used normally. First of all, we must affirm the customer's recognition of our products, thank the customers for their support, and then explain the cause of the problem to the customer, indicating that such problems are not covered by our warranty, and then provide other services to the customer based on the customer's problems. solution.