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88 Release Time:2019-06-22

We often see some questions from the riders in the 21RV RV riders group. For example: How to drain the RV grey water tank? How to use the toilet? The fuel heater can't be turned on, and so on, the most basic and most common problems. So why are users not comfortable when using a RV? Why can't simple problems be handled in practice? Looking back and thinking about it, the reason is mostly that many car owners never pay attention to the RV accessories before they buy a RV. 21RV Wang Xudong once shared with the users how to buy a RV at the previous Beijing RV Camping Exhibition. It is reasonable to say that you must go to the accessories before buying a RV. Renovation of the house, you must go back to the building materials market to understand the decoration materials, how to buy a car and decorate the house is similar, if you only pay attention to the car itself, and ignore the importance of the accessories, even if you look at all the RV is also a loss.
In view of this, from now until March 12, 2019, 21RV will participate in the information of all RV related accessories of the 18th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition and 2019 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition. Presented to everyone, from the every part of the RV vehicle to understand the importance of RV accessories.

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The above is Zhongshan Dongwu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. to participate in the 18th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition, 2019 18th China International RV Camping Conference accessories, if you are interested in RV accessories, March 12, 2019 On the 17th, Room World·Beijing RV Expo Center Parts & Accessories Exhibition E025 welcomes you!

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